Are you looking for locations outside the traditional Grocery Store or Hardware store? Here are the top ten ‘other’ locations to set up for Show and Sell:

  1. Look for places where they collect signatures for political initiatives. There are a reason they are there.
  2. Sport stadiums. This can include not only pro stadiums but high school stadiums as well.
  3. Places where there is a line. Post Offices and Banks on Friday are an example.
  4. Busy Truck Stops. Drivers tend to support Scouts.
  5. Network Marketing Functions. You would be surprised how many are in your area. They usually have a mid-day and evening meeting and people are looking for food between sessions.
  6. Next to a Redbox. Movies and popcorn go together.
  7. Parking lot at stores. While the store may not allow you at the front entry, they may let you set up a canopy in the parking lot.  If they sell fireworks there, you can sell popcorn.
  8. Pumpkin Patch. If your sale goes into October, these can be helpful.
  9. Chartered Organization. If you are sponsored by a Church, set up on Sunday after service.
  10. Community Clubs/Associations (Rotary, Lions, Chamber of Commerce, Referee). While not a traditional Show and Sell locations, my son had the greatest success at these type of meetings. One presentation typically brought in $500.

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