9 Benefits of Setting Goals

flag_at_summit_4930Most Units have just completed their re-charter paperwork and hopefully had a conversation with their Unit Commissioner to see what level they qualified toward the Journey to Excellence (JTE).  Now, one must understand Journey to Excellence is an evaluation of what a Unit did last year.  However, it can also be a place to start developing goals for the next year.

This is not a time to just have ‘reasonable’ goals, but to develop what a previous Scout Executive and mentor called. ‘BHAG’s (Big Hairy Audacious Goals).

Recently, I was a conference where the speaker, Jamie Felber, gave 9 benefits for having Big Goals.  Here are those reasons:


Benefits of Big Goals

1. Goals focus your energy. 

Rather than going through the motions of what has always been done, goals provide a new direction with which to go.  In most people, this revitalizes the reason for participating and sends them with energy towards the new goal.


2. Goals activate your emotions.
It is said one person with passion is worth more than 100 with just a reason to achieve something.  BHAGS normally are something which has never been done before.  It brings both the doubts and excitement of actually accomplishing this new goal.


3. Goals make work more fun and help you get better at what you love to do
People like the since of accomplishment.  When breaking down big goals into smaller parts it does not seem so overwhelming.  When goals are accomplished, it bring more joy to what you are doing.


4. Goals give you a reason to celebrate
Accomplishing a goal is always a reason to celebrate.  People do not celebrate enough.  Reaching a milestone for yourself or a group is a perfect reason to reward yourselves.  The important part is to recognize those as soon as possible after reaching the goal.


5. Goals force you to ask how
There is a mind shift when a goal is written down.  People change from asking if something can be done and instead asking how it can be done.  The doubt tends to go away.


6. Goals get you living in the present not he past
New goals give you a way to start anew.  It gives you a point from which to go forward.  It does not matter what happened in the past.  Today we start over and go from here.


7. Goals provide the “Yes” that allows you the say “No”
With a specific BHAG at the forefront of your day, other assignment do not seem as important.  Always ask yourself if this new assignment, project or task helps you accomplish the BHAG.  If it does not, it gives you the opportunity to say ‘No”.


8. Goals get you up in the morning
Internal motivation is better than external motivation (paycheck, threat of being fired, etc.). Internalizing the BHAG gives you the focus, energy and drive to get it done.


9. Goals give birth to bigger goals 
When people accomplish the BHAG the glass ceiling is broken.  Now they know the goal can be accomplished and it breeds life to new goals.  These should not be just ‘an increase over last year’ but a new and different BHAG to complete.


These reasons for having Big Goals not only apply to popcorn but to everyday life.  If you want to strive for something either personally or at work, these same principles should give you the motivation to move forward. Please let me know what the BHAG is for you Unit. It does not have to be about popcorn but can be regarding anything your Unit does.  Look over the JTE as a place to start, but endeavor for more.


Good luck and strive for the BHAG.


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