Kickoff Time for Popcorn Sales

stick_figure_with_clap_board_pc_3548Everyone knows it is important to have a kickoff to your popcorn sale. Kickoffs are great when they have a theme and well-scripted.  Fortunately, many Units have decided to record their kickoff and post them online. Here are a few examples from Units around the country.


Pack 95 – Tuscarora Council – 2013
They used a superheroes theme and interviewed many of their favorite superheroes.

Pack 137 – Monmouth Council – 2011
While no actual video, it does have a slide show of their Mad Science theme popcorn kickoff.

Pack 81 – Valley Forge Council – 2009
This not only includes the presentation, but a commentary on how they set up the room prior to the kickoff.

Pack 184 – Great Smoky Mountain Council – 2009
Great demonstration of games centered around popcorn

Troop 367 – Heart of America Council – 2009
Popcorn Man helps Boy Scouts learn how to sell popcorn. Videos like this can be used toward Moviemaking Merit Madge.

Pack 961 – National Capital Area Council – 2008
Very well scripted program which kept all the Cub Scouts interested.

Pack 439 – Inland Empire Council – 2007
This is one of my all-time favorites. It is a Mission Impossible Theme.

In 2008, they had an Indiana Jones Theme.

Have fun with your kickoffs and good luck on the popcorn sale!


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