Popcorn Sales and the American Flag

holding_us_flag_stick_figure_pc_2690Independence Day sparks remembrance of parades, barbeques, fireworks and the American Flag. In this issue I want to share how Units have used the iconic American Flag with their popcorn sale.

When people are asked what image they think of most when they think of Boy Scouts, the number one thing say is the Boy Scout Uniform. The number two item they think of is the American Flag because of its patriotic nature. In fact, Chris Evans, actor for Captain America, modeled his role after an Eagle Scout. Read more about it here.

At many parades around the country, organizations sell $1 items in support of their cause. The main one in my area is the White Cane fundraiser for the Lions Club. I have also seen shamrocks and red posies sold for other organizations. However, many municipalities are restricting these fundraisers for legal reasons.

In addition to the Boy Scouts, people often associate the American Flag with the military. As I have stated before, it is best to not have a donation bucket out which people can see. People will donate at the lowest level possible. If there is a bucket in view, people will give the $1 like they give the Lions Club for their White Canes.

However, Units around the country are using the American Flag in other ways. At a Unit I visited in front of a store, they gave away an American Flag pin if the customer made a Military Donation of $10 or more. They purchased the American Flag pins from the Oriental Trading Company. They did this right after Independence Day when these pins went on sale. They attached the pin to a card saying thank you for your donation to purchase popcorn for US Military Units around the world. They did not advertise the pin but gave it around as a thank you. This Unit found they had leftover pins after the sale. They decided to sell them at the next Memorial Day Parade in town for $5. They carried sample containers of the popcorn with a sign stating the proceeds purchased popcorn for Military Units around the world. With the nearly $2000 collected, they placed Military Orders online.

This was an ingenious way to “sell” popcorn in the off season and only required one day of work. It also gave Scouts who joined at the end of the school year the opportunity to raise money for camp which was less than a couple of months away.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend. As always we thank our men and women who served to defend our nation and protect us all.


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