Landslide Victims in Oso, WA Helped by Scouts

Oso pictureThis week it is time to put popcorn on the back burner and come to the help of those in need.  Ten days ago, the community of Oso, WA was struck by a devastating landslide.  As of this blog there are at least 29 reported fatalities with another 20 people still listed as missing in what is the largest natural disaster in the state of Washington since the Mt. St. Helens eruption.

One Scouting family which lived in Oso was fortunate to not be home at the time but now finds themselves without a place to live.  In addition, many others are in need of food and shelter over the next several months.

The landslide has blocked the main road and all side roads from Darrington, WA, State Highway 530, and Interstate 5.  It will take months to re-open this road to Darrington.  The blockage increases many peoples commute by 2 hours or more.  In addition, the landslide has significantly blocked the Stillaguamish River.  This has forced others upstream to evacuate their homes as the water level rises with the increasing rain in the area.

For those in the northwest Washington area, the Mount Baker Council, BSA has a food drive going through April 6 to help those affected by this tragedy.  Collection sites are set up throughout the Snohomish County area to collect items from donors.  In addition, the Red Cross is on hand to help not only those affected by the landslide, but those volunteers helping in the search and recovery of those still missing.  If you would like to help financially, the best way is through the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Please note Oso Landslide Relief.

Please keep those in Oso, WA in your prayers and help as best you can.

Thank You Taylor Winkel of Northwest News Network for this picture.

Robert “Popcorn Guy” Moore

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