The Power of 3 – Part 1

business_binder_pc_4239This is the first of three articles on Unit Adult Leadership for your popcorn sale.

Key 3 Leadership is known throughout Scouting as the ideal method of organizing adult leaders in the Council and District.  I suggest this method should also be used for the Unit Popcorn Sale.  With both Packs and Troop, parents are leaving and entering your Unit during this time of year.  It is better to start now then waiting until the fall to find these people.

In my experience in Scouting, it is rare to find a person which wants to be in charge of anything.  However, people are usually willing to help especially if they can team up with someone else. It is much easier to recruit a volunteer if there is a specific task they can manage.

For Units, I recommend the following positions:

  • Unit Kernel – Responsible for the overall sale.  This person is the main contact person to the District/Council.  Leads the Popcorn Kickoff.  Attends all training.
  • Distribution Kernel – Responsible for getting product from the Council/District and delivering it to the Scout families.
  • Site Sales Kernel – Responsible for organizing the Show and Sell locations for the Unit.  This includes getting locations site, signing up Scouts to sell, and collecting money.

If your Council does not do sales in front of stores then the third person can be your Prize Kernel.  This person is responsible for making sure all of the Scouts get the appropriate prize and collect any additional prizes the Unit may offer.

As far as recruiting these positions, look for parents who do not currently have a “position” in the Unit.  Spread the work out.  I recommend trying to find the Distribution Kernel and Site Sale Kernel first.  These positions have well-defined tasks to complete and there is a beginning and end to the task.  If you have these positions recruited first, then it is much easier to find the Unit Kernel, because over half of the tasks of the sale will already be completed by someone else.

If you look at these three different positions, you can see these people have three different competencies or personalities.  The Unit Kernel is more comfortable with public speaking and getting people involved.  This is the “Rah-Rah” person.  The Distribution Kernel is more analytical.  They like making spreadsheets and know exactly where all of the product is.  Finally, the Site Sale (Prize Kernel) is a people person.  This person likes asking organizations for help whether it is for site locations or prizes.  They get satisfaction in obtaining that key item for the sale.

For complete Job Descriptions for these positions and Youth Popcorn Kernel, download the PDF by clicking here.

Part 2 – How long should a person do these positions?


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