How Webelos going to Boy Scouts may affect your Popcorn Sale

stick_figure_on_bridge_10157Blue and Gold Banquets are on the horizon which means Webelos will be bridging over to Boy Scouts.  Now is the time to think about how these Scouts bridging over will affect your next popcorn sale.

There are a few questions to consider when looking at these specific Webelos.

How much did these Webelos sell?

Unit Kernels should add up the total sales from these Webelos forms to find out the potential loss to your Total Unit Sales in the next campaign.  Webelos are typically the top sellers in a Cub Scout Pack.  The year my son bridged over into Boy Scouts, the three top sellers in the Unit, including my son, all went to the Boy Scout Troop. This accounted for over $6000 in sales.  This was nearly half of the entire Unit Total Sales.  Many Units order their Show and Sell product based on the previous year’s sale.  Fortunately, my son’s old Pack was aware of the potential loss and made an adjustment before placing their popcorn order.

What do you do with the Webelos’ previous order forms?

As the Unit Kernel, hopefully you made copies of the order forms Scouts have turned in last year and perhaps the last several years.  Normally, this ‘client list’ should follow the Scout when they go on to Boy Scouts.  As part of the paperwork going with the boys to the Troop, include copies of the previous year’s order form.

Does the Troop these Webelos are joining sell popcorn?

Units Leaders should find out if the Troop in which the Webelos are joining sell popcorn.  The Boy Scout Troop may have another fundraiser other than popcorn in which they participate.  In some areas of the country, Scouts can sell as an individual Scout if their home Unit is not selling.  However, in this situation, selling popcorn would be in addition to the traditional Unit fundraiser.  Unit Kernels should ask the adult family member if they plan on selling popcorn once they go to their Troop.  If these Webelos are not going to sell popcorn in the future, then your Unit has a ‘client list’ which can be disseminated to new Tiger Cubs joining your Unit.

Are there key adults of these Webelos which need to be replenished?

Make sure you still have the resources you need to conduct the next popcorn sale.  If one of these Webelos parents was the place you stored all of your popcorn, you may need a new location.  This same philosophy goes for bookkeeping, training, popcorn pick up, Show and Sell coordinator, and maybe even the Unit Kernel.  It is best to take care of finding your popcorn leadership now rather than waiting for the fall.

I want to congratulate all of these Webelos which earned the Arrow of Light and good luck as you continue along the Scouting trail.


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