My Christmas Wish List for My Son

christmas_figure_reading_list_7154Dear Santa:

I know most people write you letters with what they want for Christmas.  I would like to ask for the following for my son:


I know as he grows up, my son will need to be able to present himself to others.  If he has the self-confidence to approach a person he does not know, it will help him with job interviews and selling himself.  However, he has sold popcorn for the last several years and I have seen him grow tremendously in this area.  I guess this is covered already.  Let me think of something else.

Reach His Goals

Every parent wants his child to be better off than they were.  I am no exception, Santa.  I wish my son would set goals and reach them.  Now that I think about it, my son was able to go to the National Jamboree last year because he met his popcorn sales goal.  He not only reached his goal, but became more self-reliant because he went across the country by himself.  I know he will use these skills later in life.  This seems to be covered as well.

Be Courteous to Others

I want my son to treat others with respect as he grows up.  There are so few people who say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’, but I want my son to be one of those people.  But I remember seeing my son confronted by a person during last year’s popcorn sale that was belligerent and really put down the Boy Scouts as a group.  My son just said “Thank You for giving me the opportunity.  Have a good day.”  The person was so confused, he just walked away.  I think he handled it better than I would.  And I am sure you have received the Thank You Letters from him in the past.  This sounds taken care of as well.

Well Santa, it looks like the big picture items are taken care of because of Scout Popcorn Sales.  Now that I think about it, my son is a really good kid.  I guess if you could just get him the video game on his list, he deserves it.  Thank you, Santa.


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