Giving Thanks from the Popcorn Guy

stick_figure_drawing_thank_you_6923With Thanksgiving coming this week, the Popcorn Guy wants to thank several groups that help the Popcorn Sale a success in your Council.

  • Unit Kernels – The Unit Kernel likely the hardest job in the Popcorn Sale.  They must attend all of the ‘mandatory training’, make sure all the product is entered and ordered properly, make sure all of the popcorn is received, and all the prizes are ordered.  These people often need to learn a computer system that is not very user-friendly.  Finally, this is the person that has to find all of the answers to every question a Scout or parent may have.
  • Council/District Leadership – Like most positions in Scouting, Units are unaware of the amount of time and energy devoted by the Council and District Popcorn Leadership throughout the Popcorn Sale.  In most cases this group receives little or no compensation to create a program Units find exciting and rewarding.  They often decide which product is sold, the prize program used and finding a commission structure that benefits both the Unit and the Council.
  • Parents – If the parents do not see the value in selling popcorn and making the decision to allow their sons to sell, there would not be a popcorn sale.  Parents must stand in front of the store and go door-to-door with their sons.  In addition, parents must make sure all of the orders are correct and money is properly collected.

For all those that participated in the Popcorn Sale this year, I want to say thank you and I look forward to hearing more from you throughout the next year.


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