What To Do With Your Leftover Popcorn From Your Popcorn Sale

sales_transaction_colored_6641If your Council allows units to return all of your leftover product, you are in luck. You are almost done with your sale. However, many Councils around the country only do returns by the full case and sometimes these cases have to be unopened. So what do you do with the leftover popcorn your Unit may have?

Here are a few options that may help you decide the best way to proceed:

1. Use the product to fill your Take Order

This is the best thing to do with your leftover product and works best if you still need to order product. If after entering all of your Take Orders in the system you need 10 Butter Microwave and you have 4 in your inventory, then just reduce your order by 4 and just order the 6 Butter Microwave you need.

2. Adjust your final order

If your Council allows only full cases of product to be returned, but they can be open cases, then adjusting your order may be your best option. Let’s say you need 4 Butter Microwave but have a full case leftover. It is better to return the case and then place a final order for the 4 Butter Microwave you need. This way you are not left with product.

3. Trade or Swap with another Unit

If you have a lot of a particular product leftover, contact your District or Council Popcorn Kernel to find out if there are Units that may need to order this product. This is a Win/Win. You get to get rid of your product and the other Unit gets their product earlier. Remember, you must go through your District or Council Kernel for this transaction so the proper credits and debits are recorded and your final invoice adjusted.

4. Continue to sell

Just because the Popcorn Sale is over does not mean you have to stop selling. I understand at this time of the year most people are tired of popcorn. However, one more weekend sale may be just what you need. In my Council, they do not allow returns of Chocolate product. So if we have leftover Chocolate product, we have to keep it.  What I have seen work best is to have one last Site Sale in front of a grocery store with all of your leftover product. Have a large sign saying “Final Day”. If you still have product leftover, offer it to the parents in the Units at a 30% Discount.  While the Scouts will not receive any credit for prizes or commission if you reduce the cost, the Unit will not lose money.

I hope these idea help reduce the risk of having leftover product at the end of the sale. Remember to record your returns as it will be valuable information for next year’s Popcorn Sale.

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