Door Hangers to Help While Going Door-to-Door

Popcorn Door Hanger pictureAs my son and I were delivering popcorn this week, I realized that I had not shared with everyone a key piece of information.

Several years ago, we created a quasi receipt to give to customers.  It included not only the product they ordered and the amount it cost, but a phone number and website address for them to order more with a deadline.  We taped this receipt to every container delivered.  We wanted to give customers that bought the opportunity to buy more for family or friends.  By having the deadline date we were still able to get the order in before the due date and deliver the product.

The next year we were trying to deliver product customers ordered and found many not home.  We realized we needed to leave them something to let them know my son had tried to deliver their popcorn but they were not home.  So we created another ‘door hanger’ to leave at the door.  It included a date we would come and try again to deliver the product and if they still owed money for the product.  This form reduced the time it took to deliver the product which helped us out tremendously.

This year, as my son and I were going door-to-door, we found more than half the houses had nobody home.  In the past we had tracked which houses these were and went back another day.  He has a higher personal goal this year so, he decided to change his tactic.  This year he left a door hanger letting the household know he had stopped by and if they wanted to buy popcorn to just give him a call.  I was surprised to the number of households that actually called.

Because of this, I have added another web page with a link to these three “Door Hangers”. There are two different versions: One for Units that take credit cards and one for those that do not.  We have found that printing these door hangers in different colors on slightly thicker paper or card stock helps them stay in the crack of the door and give a better perception of what is being sold.

Below is a link to this page to download these door hangers.  Good Luck!

Door Hanger Button

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