The Popcorn Sale Starts When the Customer Says ‘No’

stick_figure_check_cancel_7071The ability to overcome objections a customer may have is the sign of a good salesperson.  Usually when a customer has an objection, what they really are saying is ‘I need more information’.  Below are some common objections and possible responses to those objections:

I cannot eat popcorn…

That is OK. You can still support us and the Military by buying popcorn to send to troops overseas.  Popcorn also makes a great gift for someone else.  We also have Pretzels you may like. Which one works best for you?

Popcorn is not healthy…

Many snack foods can have lots of fat, but many of our products have less than half the calories of potato or corn chips.  Plus, popcorn is high in fiber.  Which one would you like?

The price is too high…

You are right.  The price is about the same as buying popcorn at the movies.  However, 70% of the proceeds go back to local Scouting, so you can feel good about buying the product and helping your local community.  Which one would you like?

We already bought popcorn…

Great and Thank You!  After trying the product, many of my customers find they would like to send some to family, friends or to military troops overseas.  Do you have someone in mind that would this DELICIOUS popcorn?

I do not have any money on me…

That is OK.  We take all major debit/credit cards.  Which one would you like?

I am allergic to nuts…

I am sorry to hear that.  I have a relative/friend that has a similar issue.  They help me out by placing an order for our Military troops overseas and in VA hospitals.  At what level would you like to place an order for our troops?

I do not support the Boy Scouts…

Thank you very much for listening to me.  Have a good day.

As you can see, not every objection can be overcomes.  However, it is important to be polite and represent the brand of the Boy Scouts.  I hope this gives you some ideas as to how to respond to customers when they present you with an objection.  Good luck with your popcorn sale.


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