Need Help Organizing Your Popcorn Sale? Ask a Scout!

position patchesMany adults get leery about volunteering to help with the Unit Popcorn Sale.  The main reason is the amount of time and effort that goes into a sale, especially if there is just one adult in charge.  In a previous blog, I spoke about recruiting different adult volunteers to handle items such as the Unit Kickoff, Distribution, Site Sale Location, and Prizes.  However, one of your biggest helpers is the Scouts themselves.

The 2013 Guide to Advancement describes the “Four Steps of Advancement” and the Scout in this way. “He learns by doing, and as he learns, he grows in his ability to do his part as a member of the patrol and troop. As he develops knowledge and skill, he is asked to teach others; and in this way he learns and develops leadership.”  It goes on to say, “Scouting skills—what a young person learns to do—are important, but not as important as the primary goal of personal growth achieved through participating in a Unit program.  In addition, the theory of “Boy Run Units” can be implemented through the Popcorn Sale.

Cub Scouts can help in the same way Boy Scouts instruct with older boys teaching the younger ones.  Webelos can help teach Tiger Cubs about how to look a person in the eye, say please and thank you, and how to help with filling out the paperwork.

Boy Scouts and up can have a much greater role.  I encourage every Boy Scout Unit to create a NEW Youth Position called the Popcorn Chief.  In essence, this is a combination of the Scribe and an Instructor with the sole focus of Popcorn Sales in the Unit.  A Scout could also use this role to “carry out a Scoutmaster-assigned leadership project to help the unit” which is a requirement for Star or Life Rank.

Here are some ways the Popcorn Chief can provide Leadership:

  1. Be a representative on the Unit Committee regarding the selection of Unit Incentives
  2. Teach other Scouts the proper way to conduct their Sales Pitch
  3. Promote all the methods of selling in his Unit
  4. Help with the Unit Kickoff
  5. Collect the Order Forms from Scouts
  6. Help Unit Kernel with entry of orders
  7. Help with Pick-Up and Distribution of Product
  8. Help with the collection of money

For a complete Job Description for the Popcorn Chief position, download the Job Descriptions Document for all Unit Popcorn Positions here.

Job Descriptions Button

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